Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New career, new beginnings

So 20 years ago when I was just a young wiper snapper I got my class 1 with air ticket all thanks to my father who at the time was working in the teamsters union and was able to put me through their driving school.
Well I passed and got my license but never did anything with it. My oldest brother years later got his class 1 and has been hauling all over the place for the last 10 years always dropping hints here and there that I should drive.
I never have because I lacked the confidence because I have never done anything with it....as far a driving a rig professionally.
So last week I quite my job that I have only been at for 8 months, my life was up in the air so to speak. My family laughs that I am a serial jobist....and maybe they are right....but some how I always get a job.
Well this time I applied for something out of my comfort zone....like way the hell off of 3rd base kind of comfort.
A DRIVING JOB....so my first thought was...."who the hell is gonna a hire me...I have no experience". Well...this company did and they threw me do the dragons right of the bat at 8am this morning......so once I stopped puking from the stress, it turns out it was not all that bad....they didn't throw me into a big rig...so that was nice...just a big ol 5 ton truck....so doable and tolerable. So that's what I did all day....loaded and unloaded my truck and drove all over the city to places I didn't even know existed and did my deliveries.
I didn't run anyone over and didn't kill anyone...and felt like a kick ass machine being so big and high up!
Tomorrow....they sending me off all on my own....INSANE....in fact I even told my new boss...."well I think your nuts, but hey...if this is what you want me to do...then I'll do it lol...but I still think your crazy since I have never driven a truck...unless you count 20 yrs ago when I got my license....but sending me out all on my own with out any supervision...are you sure about this?" lol
So he said yes....I will be an unsupervised driver tomorrow lol....(there is where you might want to say a small prayer for the people of Lethbridge)
So I will know by Friday if they want me to keep coming back...and if they do, then maybe this is what I am gonna do for a while...who knows...all I know is that this whole day was one big freakin blur...and one of those rocking chair experiences for me that's for sure.
I just have to hope I can remember where to go tomorrow and hope to hell I don't get lost lol.
May the truck force be with me :-)

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