Monday, May 19, 2014

The end of my Facebook era

Well I can say I was 100% addicted to Facebook since 2007. And like anything one is addicted to....quitting is hard to do. I am not gonna sit back and say it's a piece of cake, cause that would be a lie. But when you do take a step back and really analyse how much of your life it really does take up or's mind blowing and terrifying.
I really got a good look over the past week at the effects it was having on my life and others around me and the reasoning and excuses people today use to justify to be on it and let it run them.
I too was one of those people....I thought it was ridiculous when I met people who said they were not on it....I even gasped and often responded with "well how do you communicate and keep in touch with people?"
Wow....what an idiot I seriously think that I could not keep up with what's going on in other's lives unless it involved Facebook.

I found myself getting more and more aggressive with posting ridiculous things on my Facebook and others...feeling like it was my right and duty to do so....again...what an idiot I even found that it was getting to the point that no matter what I was doing, I was always thinking things like "omg...I totally have to take a pic of that and post it to my Facebook" and "omg, I just had a great thought, I have to post that to so and so's Facebook page". The list goes on and on of all the times in a day that I would think about who I wanted to post to or what I was going to post to my page or even...who would I stalk next to see what they were up to.

My hubster laughs at me....he thinks I will go back....I also think he thinks I will go back to eating meat too LOL.
I will admit though....I am still addicted slightly to Pintrest. I am trying to reduce the amount I let it consume me though...if that's at all possible.
I am very happy though that I am being more proactive with other REAL LIFE things going on rather then what's going on with life in the "Facebook" world.
I have relatives that are mocking and ridiculing me for my choice...and this is just fine by me....I'm a big girl, and I can handle that lash out directed at me, everyone is entitled to their opinion....heaven know's I have had my fill of "opinions" directed at fact, I'm sure there are a few people who are happy to see me off of Facebook lol. The funniest thing though I heard yet was the fact that some are upset because I did not "announce I was leaving first" LOL....seriously...for real? That just blows my mind.
I have been told that I am an old fuddy duddy and that I am going backwards with life, and that I will loos friends because of this. so sad that THIS is what we have become in society.
So....I hope to stay strong in my conviction, that I will not DIE unless I am on facebook lol....I will be still emailing....I am not dropping of the computer world completely....and I will continue to blog about various things....maybe this will free me up for more blog time :-)
Either's an end of an era for me, and I am going to better myself for it that I am sure :-)

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