Sunday, April 27, 2014

Breakfast club idealism

So last week on Facebook I went on a little rant about being your self and not caring what people think. For those of you who have no freakin clue who I am in this world and I do not know you either....this means you did not see the rant and so I will give you a brief over view lol.
Last week at work I was able to have MY radio station on in my little area....this is exciting first of all, because this NEVER happens that I get to choose what music we few listen to.
I was able to find a station that had some amazing fast paced, rave type music...the kind that your body parts start moving to even if you don't know it yet. Well things happen to me when I get MY kind of music....I just tend to go in to a "zone".....the effects of music on humans is truly amazing....and I live for this makes my whole body smile from this inside out.
So....anyways.....a really really super great favorite song of mine came on and I just cranked it up high and I started to dance in my little space...and I mean dance...I did not hold back, I did not care that 5 people were staring at me with the looks of WTF!
For one second I opened my eyes and saw the WTF look and it made me smile bigger....and then I shouted as loud as I could over the music..."You know what's great about being Robyn?......I don't give a shit what anyone thinks! "
I hate that the world tries to put us into categories ....I went through this in high school already...and now as an adult it happens high school you go through the sections of "prep, jock, stoner, headbanger, nerd etc..."
As and adult you are either a Mother/Father, Worker, A bum, Welfare precipitant, single Mom ,divorced etc....again...categories that OTHERS want to put you in.
I often get told by either my Mother first of all.....or the "look" from others....or the behind my back talk of "She should act more her age....she sure does NOT act her age...(or my favorite one).....Your a Mother now and you have to act accordingly....LMAO
I am not sure who set the "standard of what I am supposed to act like"....but I say FUCK THAT....yup....I don't do "standards"....I do ME...whatever ME happens to be that day...I change daily, my ideas, my thoughts, what I like or don't like.....THEY CHANGE.....and this I think might be the problem for those that wonder WTF with that Robyn chick....they are stuck...and they can't change...they can't let go, they can't not care what others so so so very sad.
I am sure to them that day at work I looked like a person having a seizure....I on the other hand was in another dimension of bliss and completeness.
I am so lucky to have such a great and understanding hubster too....because often when I get home from work or on a weekend like this one we are in right now....he will get the surround sound on and let me BLAST my favorite music even though it's not his favorite and I dance around the house all day.....sometimes it's just for a few songs..but either way....he knows and can see that I go to that "happy place within" and this makes his heart smile too.
So for those of you who are STUCK....I say...don't give a FUCK....BE YOU, DO YOU.....whatever that may be.....I really like being me....cause to me...I kinda rock! :-)

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