Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Haney, the displaced pig

I went for another visit today to see my pot belly pig that is being taken care of by a good neighbor up the road. Since we had the fire and had to leave the property and live in town, it was better to take the animals to another place.
Haney has lost most of his hair for the summer, and the kitty who we go the day of the fire and was appropriately named Blaze is HUGE. The two of them together have escaped twice from there current home. It's quite hilarious actually, they went for a long walk down the road and showed up at the neighbors place who opened the door and saw Haney standing on his front stoop grunting, as if to say "hey neighbor, you got some apples for me and my pal, we've been on a long adventure" LMAO. If you have ever seen the old old kids movie called Milo and Otis....this is EXACTLY what it reminds me of, except it's a cat and a pot belly pig LOL.

 That's my passenger for the day's dog Brooklyn who is very happy to have time at the farm chasing squirrels that make her crazy hiding in wood piles. It was a good day at the farm, got some weed whacking done, and took some loads to the I'm pooped. Time for a nap!

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