Friday, October 7, 2011

Started a new FB page

I have started a page called Trade Off. It all came about from an experience I had with another lady from another FB page.
I have joined this other fb page called BBB (Beg, Barrow, Barter), and on there one day, a lady was asked for large really really large jars. It so happened that I had 4 of them. She was willing to trade for some fresh organic veggies from her garden. Well...I was all over that! So she came to my work one day, and we made a trade...I got three bags of awesomeness from her garden. HUGE beets, and swiss chard. So we ate and froze the chard, and I canned the beets.
So it got me to thinking, I wonder if there are others out there that would like to trade stuff too, without having to worry about the money part. Just like the good ol days! Trade what you have, get something new and different!
So began the new Facebook page Trade Off. So far I have made two trades. A bread maker which I don't use because I have TWO of them, and a smaller canning pot that I don't use. In return, I am getting an awesome egg poacher and a new coffee pot (thank goodness, as mine smashed a few weeks back lol)
So I am looking forward to being part of something new..yet old!

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