Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lasagna gardening

You would have thought I had heard about this already...but no. I was told about this from a co worker who has been doing it for years.
It's all about layering. HUH..who would have thunk it was that easy. I read this book she gave me which was loaded with info and now I am going crazy with it.
I have this one area that used to be a small mountain/hill, and we had an excavator here and he took it down with three scoops of his bucket...and whalla! My new gardening space...however....the soil was crap. Like horrible clay, very hard to even till it. I was able to plant 28 potato plants and a row of carrots in it this year, but that is all that was able to grow in such yucky conditions.
So now that everything is dug up for the winter, I have put my fist layer down, which is newspaper soaked in water, then I added a layer of peat moss, and then I even put some wood ashes and kitchen scraps down. The BEST part, is that I just got a big trailer load of horse manure from  the same co worker who borrowed me this book. Both of our husbands looked as us like we were nuts over how excited we both were!
So today this will be the next layer I spread all over my garden, and then I am going to rake leaves like there is no tomorrow to put on top of that yet too, and then hopefully I can still find some peat moss at the local feed store to go on top of that yet too.
Anyways, the whole point is to build up the soil, and there are so many things that you can put on the garden to build it up, I just never thought of layering the heck out of my garden. The lady that wrote the book, claims that after one year of this discovery herself, she sold her rototiller as she didn't need it anymore. Once the soil is so built up and rich, there is no need to till it, it's just so soft and workable. I don't think I will be selling mine just yet, but I will let you all know in the spring just how workable my soil is :-)

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  1. I am doing lasagna gardening this year too! My husband just picked up a whole bunch of horse manure at our friends house last weekend...of course now it has been raining several days so it hasn't been spread yet, but hopefully this weekend we can get to it!