Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Am I dieing? lol

This was the question I posed to myself this morning. Why you ask, because I have had the most awesome summer and fall of unexpected visitor's. It's been amazing. You know your life is so full and blessed when you have people come out of their way to stop in and visit with you.
In the last four months, I have had my Mom and Dad ( from Abbotsford), my Sister and her husband ( from Calgary) my best friend Carla and Dave ( from Yarrow) another best friend Shannon and her daughter Jodi ( from Edmonton) and old neighbor Colleen and her whole family (from Abbotsford) and just last night, a long lost cousin Tracey ( originally from New Westminster who just moved back from New Zealand ), AND my one and only Uncle Nick (from Vancouver). AND on top of that, I had a few wonderful surprises drop by my work at Save on Foods, like an old school friend Angela and her family who happened to be driving thru and I have not seen them in YEARS.
WOW...is all I can say....what a GREAT life to be so blessed with so many great visits. HOWEVER...as my cousin pointed out to me when she was leaving.....this now means we have a LOT of traveling to do ourselves not to visit ALL of the people that came to see US!!!!! OHHHHHHH BOY! I can hardly wait for winter to be over lol. (sheesh, to bad it's only just started) lol

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