Friday, November 28, 2014

Snow day

Yup, I took a snow day from work's not for trying though....I was up at 4:30am...started the car just after 5am...and left the house about 5:30am....only to be in a snow blind titlawhirl spin on the hwy ten min up the road. No I did not pee in the seat....I am ever so thankful that I pee'd before I left the house though....cause spinning on the hwy at that time of the morning in snow and ice is like...ummmm...there is no description for that's just shit and that's all there is to it!
So after calling work and getting my blood pressure down from the excitement I was not going back to bed....I was wide awake and ready to take on the world....the hubster....was not :-)
So I only banged around the house for an hour or so, and then I could hear that he fell back I cruised the internet in blissful alone time and quietness....but that only lasted so long and then I was antsy again....that is when things got out of control....a whole large pot of coffee was made and all the xmas decorations came out.
So between bathroom cleaning, floor washing, box unpacking downstairs then coming back upstairs and being distracted by pretty xmas things again, my house got xmasfied lol.
So by noon my hubster was completely messed up by me being home and not at work he started drinking lol....and so in his drinking state he suggested that we put up the lights around the windows using the glue gun....yeah...that's what I said...WTF.....and so it happened....I got out the glue gun from the "oh this shit is from the 90's box" and he went to town on the windows and lights....and did a kick ass job frankly.

So although I didn't go to work, I managed to get a crap load of stuff done today AND I'm still up at 9:30pm at night WITHOUT having a nap and I have been up since 4:30am....did my hubster spike my tea? So now I have no clue what things we will get done tomorrow with being able to accomplish so much today....oooohhh boy....we might actually get shit that NEEDS to be done from like a long time ago done...whoa....crazy talk!
Happy weekend adventures to you all :-)

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