Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Media propaganda

Yesterday on facebook was the sense that EVERY post was all about "Thank you troops for saving our lives" bla bla I the only on this is AWAKE on this issue? How can I be the only one that thinks this is ridiculous?
Fighting is not saving me....our country fights because we vote in needless leaders who media propaganda this idea to death and brain wash us into believing this shit...that magically we would all die if they did not send us to war....ummmm NO....the gov't makes money off of war, plain and simple...I will not stand by and become one of the sheep that sit back and thank the troops. If you are a troop, I feel so sorry for you and that you have lost your sense of self and awareness and that  you think it's okay to fight or kill.....and that you would do it all "in the name of your country"....well....don't include me in your country then....cause I don't believe in war...and I'm not some pot smoking, non bra wearing crazy 60's hippie freak...I'm just a woman who is NOT falling for the bureaucratic bullshit that everyone seems to be soaking up. Please...if you feel this thought process is invalid....I would LOVE to hear how you would reason that the war is right or good!!!!

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