Sunday, December 7, 2014

You tell me this NOW!

Let me start off by telling you about this amazing vegetarian restaurant in Calgary. It's called The Coup and it's completely dedicated to vegetarians and vegans...the other awesome thing is that my son's girlfriend works there! She too is a vegetarian, and so when we went to the city yesterday they took us there and it was FABULOUS. I have never been so excited to be in a place where I could eat EVERYTHING on the menu and the hubster and NOTHING to choose from cause there was no meat...but it was so great for him to experience the roll reversal and feel exactly like how feel ANYTIME we go out to eat...he's able to find something on the menu is 5 seconds and it takes me 5 minutes.

This place is my new favorite!

Three of my favorite humans ever!!!

the full monte

2 pieces of French toast stuffed with smoked tempeh, swiss & 3 year canadian reserve cheese, arugula & roasted pepper, served with a shot of seeded mustard maple syrup and organic hash

So once we got home from the city, I called my Mother back in BC to tell her about this great place and how it was catered to us vegetarians and how when they come out around Christmas we should go there so that Dad may have the same experience I did...cause he's a veg head too.
So out of the blue my Mother some how, for some reason....tells me some information that I have NEVER heard of before in my life.....she tells me that most of the people on her side of the family were after I picked myself up off the floor and could form words I began scolding my Mom lol.
I said...."did you not think to tell me this a long time ago....or least 2 years ago when I became a vegetarian?"....she just laughed. So her Mother, my Granny grew up in a Doukhobor there were two kinds of Doukhobor's...the crazy kind and the normal kind Granny's were the normal kind...I'd go into further detail of the difference, but if you google search Doukhobor I'm sure you'll find some crazy shit...and that would be the other one's lol...not my relatives kind.
So in this heritage....for religious reasons....they did not eat meat of any I found it fascinating that all these relatives that I have history with, that I remember visiting as a child in Grand Forks B.C and in the Fraser Valley growing up...were all veg heads....WOW....this just seemed amazing to me for some reason....the the whole veg head reasoning has there were some of those relatives on my Mothers side who "fell away from those beliefs" and chowed down on some good ol meat in their lives, but for the most part...they were fanatical about there belief in not eating animals for self Mom even told me that one of my great Uncles...Uncle Bill...wouldn't even eat at her house because she cooked meat there and he could not be sure if she would use lard or some other form of ingredient that has meat products in only my great Aunty Polly would eat there!  Information like this I think I really should have been told about don't you think!!! So I called my sister immediately after this conversation to make sure I was not the only crazy one that did not know this....but she said she sorta remembered something about that in the history, but not to the extent that my Mother bestowed upon me in last nights conversation. I have discovered this new amazing history of my family...I have to begin the search of recipes that they had...that are probably all lost and buried some where to see what kind of vegetarian lifestyle they ate!
Feels good to know that there we others in my family before me that probably struggled a hell of a lot more then I ever will with not being able to eat out!!

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