Friday, June 22, 2012

Instant gratification world

I was watching some t.v this afternoon and was bombarded by commercials that really got me thinking. The first one was for a tent from Canadian Tire...the 10 second tent, or the 60 second tent...from set up to take down. SERIOUSLY.....what the heck! What ever happened to family "bonding" as we used to call it, when everyone had to help set up the tent and it took what felt like HOURS and after much mumbling and grumbling it was up lol. I remember a very old army tent my parents had...sheesh, I think the color was like orange or something, that thing was freakin huge, and that special canvas smell that went with would camp in that in the back yard and thought it was the BEST!
This is not the tent we had but found a close enough picture of it lol

Another commercial for iPhone's, and Kindles...for need a machine to read a book...I think I am regressing or just getting old and fuddy duddy. I like how in the commercial they try to make it look like it's so great to cuddle up in bed with a tablet to read a book online. LOL...NOT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN IN MY HOUSE. You wanna read...GET A REAL BOOK I SAY! There are just some things I cannot go to the dark side on.
I have a few relatives (yes, they are probably reading this and shaking their heads lol) that have to look at their iPhone to check the weather! GO OUTSIDE....LOOK OUTSIDE...whatever happened to "smelling the rain coming" as my Mom used to say lol...or my Oma...she could tell by her aching legs lol.
Now I am not claiming to be the all mighty off grid crazy person....I love the internet...I love don't start emailing and throwing the off grid book at me (well if you do, it better be a real one anyways lol) I'm just saying there are a few things that for some reason just blow my mind when it comes to the needs of people these days and how they need everything NOW....maybe living in the Cariboo has changed me that much that things like these bother me.
I was also watching Anderson Cooper on t.v too...and he had a lady on who was promoting her cook book and she has some fresh veggies and fruits on the table...and Anderson had no idea what Kale was...he admitted that he tried a beet for the first time in his life a year ago....WOW....unbelievable. That's not the first time that has shocked me though...a while back I watched a program with some kids in a classroom in the states who were shown a bunch of veggies and fruits as well....they too had no clue what a tomato was...they were asked things like where does ketchup come from...again...they had no pathetic really...that this is the state of our earth...that kids don't know what a potato or tomato is.
Now my kids don't like gardening, and they mostly just shake their heads at me and my garden craziness, but you can be damn sure they know what a freakin tomato is!!!
Well that's my vent for the day! Happy gardening...or happy instant living!!!


  1. granny not Oma lol ahhh yes some of the family DOES enjoy our iPhone and at the same time knows how to garden ;-)
    Anderson is a self professed VERY PICKY eater, how he travels is beyond me :-)

    1. FINALLY....she answers lol...I knew this post would get your attention lol.....
      Being a picky eater and just being plain ignorant of basic vegetables are two different things....YOU WILL NOT WIN THIS ARGUMENT WITH YOUR LITTLE SISTER LMAO.

  2. i finally figured out HOW lol