Saturday, June 16, 2012


Well my dream has come true...I finally got a trailer to convert to a hen house for my future chickens. The background story to this trailer is a good one too. Waaaaaayyyy back in Jan I was looking through one of the local facebook web pages for locals here that like to sell, barter or trade. A lady on this one particular site was looking for a old trailer, and another lady said she had one but it needed some work. The other lady declined so I asked if I maybe could have it. ( this trailer was free!)
So she said yes, but at the time it was very wintery and covered in snow. So...FINALLY this last week we picked it up and brought it to the farm.

I can hardly wait to paint the outside, make the laying boxes and get it all nice and chicken cozy!!!!!! I am just trying to figure out the perfect name and color for it now!!!!

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