Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nothin but RAIN

Seriously....I thought I had enough of this rain when I lived on the coast for the first 30 years of my life!!!!!! It feels as if it has been raining since March 30, with the exception of one or two nice days.....HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE....sheesh.
On days like this one would think you would curl up with a good book and a cup of tea and just relax and read....well that ship sailed about a month ago...I can only read so many books and drink so much freakin tea!!!!!
I have three days off and I really really really wanted to spend it on the farm...if it wasn't raining so darn much I probably would have tented there just to get some peace and quiet away from the city.
We had new neighbors move into the town house next door. WELL.....4...YOUNG...LOUD...FIRE FIGHTERS....supposedly they fight forest fires and when they are not doing that they clean up the brush from the sides of the road to prevent fires. I have yet to see them do ANYTHING but piss me off with their loud door slamming, banging around their townhouse as if they were in the same room as me AND taking my parking spot. Yeah.....that last one did not last long...when I got home from work late on night....I banged on their door and told them they had 20 seconds to move their car or a tow truck would do it for them. The one guy said "we can't do this tomorrow", I said "I am going to bed in 3 minutes after I walk in that door, so you tell me if you want to look for your car tonight or tomorrow morning after it's towed, but I think it's best if you move it now" and then I gave him the "mother death stare" as he promptly got his shoes on and moved the car.
Now before you think I am some horrible grumpy old hag...there is VERY limited parking here in the hood, and there is ONE of us parking as to their 4 vehicles...so when they take up 4 spots and take away from three other families who would like to be able to park in front of their own freakin homes, it makes me angry. I understand they are young and dumb....but I am OLD AND BOLD lol. So I am here to teach them a small lesson in life LOL....may the Lord be with them as they navigate through this wonderful experience!!!! LOL
I can't believe I am still cranky even after having a Timmies this morning LOL...oh boy...I think I may have to go buy some rose colored sunglasses to brighten up this day lol.
Or I will close my eyes and dream of laying on our local beach on the wonderful Canim Lake near us. The day this picture was taken last week, was one of those FEW days where we had no rain....as it turns out...it rained the very next day!

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