Monday, May 18, 2015


I was invited to my son's place yesterday to experience a permablitz. What is this you ask! It's what happens when the youth of today get excited about how a functioning system of mother earth works pretty much lol.
My son's house mate hired a buddy who is professional in all things permaculture to give a day lesson on how things work, grow, progress and thrive....I thought I knew it all...but was so educated and inspired by new knowledge and watching these young kids get excited about it too!
Here is a picture tutorial of how it all started yesterday.

It starts with a very important meeting of men with fierce beards, one being in a house coat for added inspiration.

You gather inspired youth for willing slave labor to help dig up grass and weeds in garden space.

You build a pallet compost system to throw all the brown and green compost in to.

What used to be an area full of grass and weeds turns into a beautiful trenched garden design system that would blow your mind with efficiency.

And there is the most important part of all....designing a rain water catch system to water all of your glory and hard work!

Being part of something like this is truly an amazing experience. Look into permaculture. It can at first seem overwhelming, but once you understand how it all works and how everything is connected in some way that makes something else work efficiently it is awesome. I knew and understood a lot of it already, but there is always something new to learn....the one thing that blew my mind yesterday was when Zoltan, our fearless permaculture leader described why and how dandelions are an important part of our system, why they are there, what they do and why they do it. I seriously will never look at them the same again. His kindness and graciousness in answering all my annoying questions as the day progressed was endless.
This is someone who is passionate about what he does and believes in! Great job to our fearless leader, great job to all the youth that showed up, and my son for inviting me to a wonderful experience!!

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