Monday, December 15, 2014

Giving feels so goooooooood!

So the hubster and I joined this years craze...which is a thing called Reddit...where you could sign up for an international or just in your own country secret santa gift exchange. The hubster opted for within Canada, and I opted for international. You could also choose to do just gift or do gift and card, each going to different places.
So today, hubster got his gift from somewhere within Canada, and my card exchange buddy (who was in California) got his card today.

Yup, I homemade a Christmas card for a grown ass man lol....but this is what he requested....a unique card, so that's what I was striving for. After's not that often that a Canadian hand makes a Christmas card for some dude in California lol.
Hubster's gift came from Victoria....he got a beer stein, and remote control car thingy that he controls with his cell phone, and some chocolates. It was so cute and totally perfect for him.
I have yet to receive my card or gift as of yet....but I sit in anticipation of them. My gift that I sent out went allllllllll the way to Slovenia. I can hardly wait for that lady to open up her epic Canadian box!
We also sent out a pretty darn epic Germany box the other day too...I can hardly wait to hear about all the giggles and laughter when that special box gets opened by our loved one's over there.

I also handmade a bunch more cards and special treats for some random strangers I have never met or know but who attended the Shambala music festival....I had posted on their facebook page a note saying "hey, it's not too late...who wants to exchange homemade Christmas cards" and the response was I crafted away this weekend and sent them out this week to strangers once again.....I just LOVE sending people stuff....cause really....who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail that makes them smile....I just wish people would do this ALL YEAR ROUND!!!

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