Sunday, January 23, 2011

You know your getting old when.....

You actually ENJOY listening to CBC Radio in the car while driving anywhere anytime! That no matter WHAT the content of the show is, you keep listening to it! I thought that was the end of it with CBC....but then this happened.....I have become addicted to watching CBC Television documentaries. OOOOHHHHH boy, this has happened to me and I am not 40 yet....what the hell is gonna happen to me when I actually am OLD lol.

So speaking of documentaries, I watched a really great one the other day that my hubby had PVR'd. It was called "Raw Milk - The Milk War" It was a story about a man in Ontario fighting the gov't to sell his raw milk to people who wanted it. As of 1991, the Canadian gov't made it illegal to sell raw milk, saying it was dangerous and was making people sick. It's not illegal to drink it, just to sell it. Weird. I know me and my siblings never got sick from the raw milk we drank from our cow Dixie! I remember even squirting the milk straight from the cow's teat into my mouth! Anyways, he fought hard, lost a lot of money and land, but in the end won his battle in Ontario.
Just a while back, I was reading in the local paper how another farm in the Lower Mainland is fighting the same fight them selves.
It just makes me how did any of the people ever freakin survive in the old days when we milked our own cows, butchered our own meat, baked our own bread and grew our own gardens before the gov't set up certain crazy rules to regulate crap that just freakin doesn't need regulating! 
I am sure that if the gov't saw my house they'd shit there pants and try to regulate something we are doing here lol....and if they did, I would force them all to sit on the porta potty I had to pee on for 18 months LOL.

So tomorrow when I get in the car, I shall snicker to myself once again, as I listen to CBC Radio 1 in the car and learn some more crap about something totally useless that will inevitably come up on at least one of my conversations at some point in my life lol.

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