Monday, January 3, 2011

My first public rant...

Where to start....well how bout here.....DO NOT TREAT ME LIKE CRAP...there! This is how this rant starts! I am picking this particular rant today because of what specifically happened in my life today! How I dealt with it today actually stems waaaaaaaaaaaay back to past life experiences and growth from them. I am happy to say, that I have actually learned many a thing from my earlier life crappy experiences and have moved on to tell others of how they too can learn from them or of their own.
I am officially now pushing 40, and I am pretty proud of it! Proud that I can stand up for myself as a woman and not tolerate any backlash whether it be from a male or a female. This particular experience today was from a male however. This particular person is in a position of authority in a public service organization! I need not say more. I would expect a person of such stature to be professional, or have some professional training of some great degree in order to be in his said position.
Well it seems not!
I could go into great detail about the situation that brought him and I together today, but really, no one wants to read that boring crap lol! So needless to say, he and I had a confrontation today, where he felt the need to be little me, mumble incompressible blubberings, say more untrue facts and then hang up!
Now those of you who know me and know me blood pressure went from 0- 1000 in about..ummmmm TWO SECONDS! Seriously...are you kidding me, is all I could did not just talk to me like that....and a few other unpleasantries as well lol 
I am so happy that I can stand up for myself, what worries me is that there is a world of women, girls and yes males as well, that cannot. Not sure why, as this whole concept seems crazy to me now, but that's only because I went through the trenches first to get to this great place of self confidence!
So....I have had the day to think about things, and I am no less disturbed by the unprofessionalism by this person, but I do know exactly what I will do about it! I can barley wait to go to work tomorrow, to show him how a professional does conduct one self!!!
Ahhhhhhhh that was a great little vent! 

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