Monday, January 3, 2011

My therapist, adopted Mom, and personal angel...Carla

Well I should have done this post first, but my head was a little hot still so I had to post the other one first lol.

I have the best therapist, adopted Mom, and personal Angel sent by God all in one person...CARLA. If this woman is not in your sucks to be you!!

This crazy nutcase came into my life about 18 years ago, and let me tell you, she hasn't changed at bit and I love it...however, she has changed me beyond believe! She is the therapist that is better then anyone you could ever possibly pay for, and I really mean it, if I had to pay her, I'd just give her my left leg now lol, she's that great! She loved me unconditionally like only a Mom could do, no matter how horrible the story I would tell her, no matter how disappointed in me she was, she never showed it, she only ever showed me love, and because of that, I have learned to do the same!
Most of all though, I know for certain, God sent her to me...because He knew that the world needed a tag team of craziness!!! I went through an amazing spiritual journey because of her, and have an amazing believe and understanding to day because of her, I may not know all the answers, and will never claim too either, I leave that all for her!!!! For some reason, she seems to ALWAYS have the answer.
This woman Carla....helped bring the light back into my life, brought strength back into my bones, and helped me to remember that I have the biggest mouth with good intentions....most of the time LOL.
If I could be like her to ONE person on this earth, then I know that God is smiling and saying "that's right my little earthlings, I'm creating the best tag team EVER". My hope is that then that person will pass on the friendship of a lifetime she has given me!
My favorite part of Carla...her laughter! I LOVE TO LAUGH...with her the most, but mostly in life in general because of her! So if you want to know her, just ask me and I will introduce you to her, but I shall warn you, you'll never be the same again!!!!
Maybe one day I will scan and post the pics of when Carla called me and asked for a when Carla calls and asks for a favor, there is no way in hell your gonna say no after all she ALWAYS does for you....she asked me to dress up like a hooker and told me to be ready in a few hours, as she had a plan! If Carla plans...YOUR SCREWED....because if you ever think I am a deviant... she is the grandmaster of deviance! She then passed that on to her 6 kids, and is in the process I am sure of passing it on to her..ummm 18? grandkids...there's a million of them anyways, that's all I know...they're Dutch...need I say more LMAO.
So yeah...hooker story in more detail with day...I will post lol.
I love you Carla!!! 

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