Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shambhala treck back "home"

So I can't believe I missed posting a single blog post for the entire month of August.
I was a busy busy month. One of the things that filled part of that month was going to that magical music festival once again...the place I call home...the place were I feel all my peeps are at....the place where I can just breath and feel freely and it revives my soul.
Here is a small taste into my trip back "home"
The trip start off  a lil rough...I was about 50 feet literally from turning off the road into the festival when something went terribly wrong with the vehicle and I had to get hours later...I was FINALLY on the "farm".
However...this was how I adventured home...the hubster came to my rescue 6 days later at the end of it all to bring me so thankful for hubsters :-)

My favorite sign at the ENTIRE music festival...I so badly wanted to bring this home!

BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD....well again since the last time I was there lol. The Green Bastard is pretty much the best thing in my mouth EVER!
Wouldn't be Shambhala without a rickshaw Jesus giving people rides in his version of a rickshaw.
Yup...that's where my bra stayed for the entire need for ridiculous shit like that....wish it could stay there for life...but bossman at work feels differently :-(
Everyday yoga in the park with a ton of people all starting the day off right...soooooo great!!!!

Just a small view into my many days of's always so hard to decide what to wear and when...especially when your camp mates also bring a ton of excited things to share and wear too!

Everywhere you look...there is ALWAYS some kind of OWL magic happening!

Wouldn't be a music festival without some kind of drug testing and results happening....I have to least there is such at thing happening for those who do partake in such stuff.

One of my favorite parts of the festival is this giant tree where you can put all your wishes literally upon the's always so great to read what is up there...this was one that just tore at my Mom heart strings.
Yup...a massage bed in the middle of the forest...for those times where you have been dancing furiously for 5 hours and you just need some pampering!
I will end with this...another one of my favorite....foosball table in the coffee line up that was played EVERY time I was in line for coffee in the morning...I vote that every coffee house have this...what a great way to meet people, start your morning and just to have a great laugh!

So this was my second year, each time I have been I have said...okay, I have done it, no need to do it again...and then after it's over and it's been a month...I start thinking about how I want to go back.
So who knows what will happen next year...maybe a different music adventure will happen somewhere else!

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