Monday, August 31, 2015

Garden harvest happiness

Tis the season to be gifted wonderful presents from the garden....both grown by me and grown by others.
I used to deliver to this amazing Japanese farmer when I was driving truck, but now that I am in the office I don't get to see him anymore...but he still sends gifts for me along with the other drivers....I often think he is experimenting on me because I am a vegetarian...he's always sending me weird looking vegetables with no names except for some Japanese one's that I cannot pronounce what's so ever lol.

 This however I can's just a huge freakin purple cauliflower! Seriously...I can't even imagine how much genetic crap has happened to this damn thing to make it purple lol....but he was kind enough to give it to who am I to say no lol.
This past weekend I did a lot of the last harvesting of a few things...yellow beans, garlic...and more pickling cukes.

I made some "Bread & Butter" pickles from this small batch I picked on Sunday...and I was able to get 9 jars out of that harvested bunch.

My straw bales are doing FABULOUS...who would have thought that it would be this easy...and my stuff is growing like crazy in them...zucchini's are growing like crazy, and potatoes are still freakin blooming....when I stuff my hand in the bale to see if there were potatoes, I found a few small ones a few weeks I am patiently waiting longer for them.
So as every weekend gets closer to fall...more and more of my garden is being put to sleep...I just keep holding on to every last bit of summer as possible :-)

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