Saturday, March 28, 2015

So it's been a while....

Yup...totally not been in the mood to post...not for any particular reason....just been doing stuff or sleeping really lol.
Here is what has been happening though.....
The dinning room table is covered in seed starting containers
We went to BC to see my parents cause they sold their home and are moving to a condo
My daughter moved in with her new boyfriend and is starting a zoo of snakes, plus other animals lol
I stopped driving truck and started working in the office of the same company
We have no snow and we live in Canada...yes...that's really a thing
Today I feel like my house is a house of hoarders and I would like to chuck everything away lol...but I am sure that feeling will pass in and hour and I will be glad I did not chuck everything out.
My hubster taught my Mother how to take selfies and put them on her computer from camera and send emails....pretty much the craziest thing in the world just happened!
Here are a few pics of the last wee bit.

Umm yeah...pretty much totally the truth here

Downtown Vancouver area-ish

Having a full on dairy overload of goodness in Grand Forks BC
Rick the Dick...the tarantula who is a girl with a boy's name...and this was the first time I got to hold her cause she's a bit of a dick...and she is part of my daughters "zoo" lol

Oh you know...just some Mother Son dinosaur roaring fun play while he is at work

Girl child's new digs in the city

Veggie grow op started in the dinning room area

My Mothers first selfie ever....74 years old and this craziness has started!

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