Sunday, April 21, 2013

New home road trip

Well we just spent the most awesome 8 days on the road and at our new home!!!!!!!!!! Those days were filled with so much excitement....seeing my son, my daughter getting her grad dress, visiting two of my siblings, and finally....GETTING KEYS TO OUR NEW HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All packed up and ready for the first load to the new home!
We left sunny, arrived at snowy lol
Within 5 min of being in the new town, I met the Mayor!!!! lol

Within a day, the snow was gone, and I was raking the yard, these are bags from one small part of the raking...uggg do my blisters hurt lol
So these next three pictures are from when we first arrived in Calgary, we drove all night and got there in the morning, and my son wanted to take us out for breakfast. Well as some of you know, he broke both of his ankles so getting around for him can be a challenge. My sister has perfected the motions of getting my son out of the house, between walker, wheel chair and crutches....she gets him out of the house.
Well he took us to the IHOP, and at this IHOP there are HUGE waits to get's so crazy to see....anyways, instead of numbers to call or last names...they give you famous people's names to call out....and, you will see what we got!
Brother resting legs on sister  in the backseat of the car :-)
Sister pushing Brother in crazy spring blizzard conditions lol
YUP....this is the name we got!!! lol
 This was the beautiful sunset one day we had driving back to our new home from a day of shopping in Lethbridge...sooooooooo pretty :-)
It was so very hard to leave the new home and come back to our current place....but what made it bearable was knowing we'd be back in a few short weeks with another load and then permanently after that in another few short weeks. We forgot how great it was to tinker around in one's own home, not having to worry about anyone else except our selves in the home! Can't wait for the next trip!!!

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  1. NO MORE WHEELCHAIR yippeeeeeeeeeeeee :-) walker and crutches :-)