Saturday, July 5, 2014

Embarrassing me anyway

While I was working and driving this last week, I drove up behind this truck....and as usual this truck had some stickers on it's I took a closer look. I usually am not moved or shocked by what people have on their cars or trucks....but his struck a cord with me.
Why? Because of it's small but powerful content.
The words are this if you can't see them on the two stickers on each side of the windows:

Powerful right. Now only powerful if you look at it in the aspect that I took it to be. Now in each side of the sticker is a Canadian maple leaf, and the colors are that of the Canadian to me this sticker was implying that either you fit in to Canadian standards (or that of the government or ideas of them) or again, the ideas of the people that follow what the government is saying all of us Canadians are or should be or fuck off.
What really really really chaps my hyde is when people or government or ANYTHING tries to tell me HOW or WHO I should be...and the fact that this person in this truck feels like if your not Canadian or not following a "certain standard" of his, then you all should fuck off.
How about YOU BUDDY IN THE TRUCK fuck off. How about there be more love and fact...I would love to let this guy know that he himself is probably more of a minority in a country that is so amazingly diverse and wonderful with all the different nationalities and people that are filling us up and coming in. I just found this to be so arrogant and intolerant of him...but hey, we are all entitled to our own opinions, I just do NOT want to be lumped in with this one that's for sure.
My heart just broke for all the people who do see this sticker and and wonder if they fit in or if they are in the category that would be offensive to this idiot. It's no wonder there is so much hate and anger in the world when this type of shit is prominent in our society.
I have a bumper sticker on my know what it reads?



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  2. Your bumper sticker says it all.
    Just change "Women" to "People".
    The two messages are not that far apart.
    Why do you assume that the user is a hater?
    And, you should not be so naive as to think it is minority thinking.
    Maybe people are thinking that if the way you want to act is how you acted in your old country, maybe that was part of the problem. We don't do it that way here so we don't have your (foreign) reason for leaving. I can't and don't expect to be allowed to do certain things in their country.
    Want to be Canadian?
    Then be, a Canadian.
    Just sayin'........

    PS. I've been looking to buy or make the same decal when I first saw it downtown Calgary. And, I have friends young and old who want one too.