Sunday, April 1, 2012

Burn burn burn, burning ring of fire!!!!

Except is wasn't a ring, it was our house. YES....we had a house fire last Thursday and it was horrible. But with every horrible situation comes blessings, blessings from places least expected.
We live in a wonderful country that has so many wonderful services. Our home was not liveable, and we were given three nights stay in a hotel with meals paid for three days as well. We are also able to keep our dog with us (she LOVES hotel life) so she too could try to come out of this drama. So what we didn't know though, is where or what we were gonna do after those first initial three days. Well....this is where miracles happen I tell ya.
A old high school friend who I have known since I was 15, and kept in contact over the years even though we do not live in the same town anymore, messaged me on facebook to ask if there was anything we needed. I told her we are searching for a place to rent for few months cause we have no idea where we are going in 24 hours.
At this point it's been two days at the hotel, and we had been asking around, going to realtors to see if they knew of any short term rental places etc but no one knew of anything. So here is my friend, who is in Chilliwack, and we are here in 100 Mile House (4 hours away from her) and she tells us about this cousin she has but has not seen in a while her self, who she thinks lives here somewhere and might know someone who might help us out.
We as it turns out, the cousin is someone my siblings grew up with in our old farming days in a place called Yarrow. I remember as a little girl going with my Mom and Dad for Friday night coffee's with this ladies parents. CRAZY...the last time I say this lady was probably 30 years ago.
Well she showed up with her husband last night at my work and told me they had a townhouse we could use as long as we needed and gave us the keys and said you can move in there tomorrow.
I broke down and cried like a baby. How do you thank someone for such a wonderful gift like that!!! The relief alone was astounding, and gratefulness that ones feels is unexplainable!
I am truly so very blessed by the friends and connections I have made in my life and the friends that I truly can call a friend. Darlene...Debbie...friends and neighbors.....there are not enough thank you's I can give to make up for your kindness to my family....but THANK YOU!!!
I will post pics of the disaster at a later date.
As for now.....on to the next adventure!!!

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about this. What a blessing that happened with you finding a place. I hope these next few months go smoothly.